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They will learn how to give information and ask for information about where people are, where a place is and where things are located. Students will acquire tools to understand native speakers. They will learn why native speakers drop letters or why new sounds are created. Also, students will acquire solid pronunciation skills using their mouth as a musical instrument and will be taught the importance of word order in a sentence (syntax) during the whole class.  Cost:$280 Seat are limited-  I have received several sole sourcing contracts for my services from the Federal Government  SEE SCHEDULE BELOW  Proven training Processes Tailored to help you achieve your goals faster.  Several references AVAILABLE  Text or email at:  613-292-1299  SMALL GROUPS ONLY-FAST TRACK-REAL PROGRESS ONLY  YANNIC-613-292-1299  +++Reading, Writing, Oral exam preparation  For more information regarding the evaluation, please follow the link below:  =====) I have developed highly structured and organized Process-oriented training courses.  =======) I have been providing this training since 1992 to thousands of Public servants with great success.  • Take Coaching and achieve your full potential!  • No taxes, no registration fees, All material included.  • To register, contact me by phone or by text at: 613-292-1299  COACHING:  ====) 2/3 of the work will be done at home on your time. 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